Annabel Harvey

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 Annabel Harvey is a college girl from the university of Miami. She comes from Tucson, Arizona. She loves Florida and plans to stay. Shes a huge Canes football fan. She is studying to be a marina biologist. She just got her first tattoo. Annabel told use she just had her first lesbian sex. She said the girl fucked her so hard with a strap-on, that it bruised her pussy lips. She loves anal and being tired up and spanked. She told us one time she was tied up and two guys throat fucked her so deep that the both took turns blowing their nut deep down her throat. She wants to do that again. She loves guys who are into a kinky girls and guys that have a foot fetish. She gets off having a guy or chick suck her toes while she masturbates. There is nothing this little Cum crazy girl wont do and we are OK with that. We hope to see more of this sexy freak!

Her Stats:
Age: 20
Height: 5’8”
Bra Size 32c
Turn Ons: Im a fucking kinky freak. Everthing turns me on..!!







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