Worship My High Heels and Bare Feet with Your Mouth

  • 3:52 minutes
  • FullHD

I see you like my high heels, loser, and I can`t say as I blame you. They do make my legs look nice and sexy, don`t they? I`ve been walking in them all day long, and now they`re all dirty. It`s okay, though, because I have you to clean them and you`re going to do it with your mouth! That`s right, you`re going to get on your hands and knees and lick my heels all clean for me. Use that tongue to polish these shoes until they`re nice and shiny again. When you`re done with my high heels, you`re going to use your mouth to clean my feet, too! Lick them all over, sucking each toe one by one while I sit back and watch. If you do a good job then I might give you permission to look at my pretty bare feet while you jerk-off. You`re going to cum all over my high heels and then clean them with your tongue again!

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