Teen Chynna Disciplines Schoolgirl Candy

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Teen amateurs, Chynna and Candy role play. Teen Chynna plays the hard deplane lesbian Teacher. Dressed in a dress, high heels, and stockings. Candy plays the student in trouble in her schoolgirl uniform, high heels, and stockings.  The teacher makes the student bend over and shows upskirt her white panties. The lesbian teacher grabs her ass and squeezes her ass cheeks hard. The teacher makes the student unbutton her blouse and then she sucks her hard nipples. Chynna, the teacher makes Candy, the student, turn around and bend over and pull down her panties. Teacher shove two fingers deep into the student's wet pussy. Chynna then orders her to sit on the table, spread her legs, and play with herself. The teacher orders the student to remove all her clothes, except her high heels and stockings. She then orders her to get down on her knees and lick, suck Chynna’s pussy, and suck her nipples. Candy is ordered to bend over. Teacher the spanks her bare ass so hard, it turns red with pain. Teacher Chynna starts to finger fuck her and shoving her finger deep in her asshole. Chynna strips and orders Candy to put on nipple clamps. Making Candy almost  cry from the pain. Candy the student learned a hard lesson today with her new Lesbian teacher on obeying class rules!

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