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Ev is 18 years old. Just turned last month. She graduates from school in May. We met her when her thong bikini bottom came off in the wave pool at an Orlando water park. I ran and wrapped her bottom half up with a towel. While we waited for some to find her bikini bottom. We talk. She said she always wanted to do modeling. But wasn't sure about the nude. We said cool. After we saw the goods at the pool. I told her she would do great at it. And to think about all the boys who would be jerking off to her. She laughed. Gave her my number. She called two days later. And as you can see. The rest it history. With her small puffy tits and firm round ass. She is perfect. This Teen Latina. Has a well shaved pussy and asshole. She was more than happy to spread her lips for us. We wish her the best.

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