Amateur Teen Redhead Using Popsicle On Her Feet - SD Video

  • 19:48 minutes
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Teen redhead Nicole is in the mood for something kinky. So she decides to have some kitchen fun and play with her feet. Standing in her bikini, she grabs a popsicle. This triggers her fetish for food play so the teen amateur gets on the counter to rub the popsicle on her feet and slowly takes off her top to show off her puffy nipples. The cool sensation feels good on her white skin and then her bottoms have to come off so she can spread her legs and show her hairy pussy.  She rubs her popsicle on her legs and feet. Licking off the taste of her feet on her popsicle. The popsicle falls apart, and half falls on her red hairy pussy. She grabs it and licks off her pubic hairs and swallows. Her pussy getting wet and creamy. She licks her toes after running her popsicle over them. Her puffy nipples nice and hard on her firm plump boobs. She then washes off the sticky popsicle on her feet in the kitchen sink.

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