Teen Cousins Cindy And Mandy Get Together

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Cindy and her Cousin Mandy called me saying her and Mandy need some money. Would I let them pose for cash. I said yes. When the arrived we talked and to come fine out they are kinky as hell and have always want to fuck each other. They stripped and Cindy gets on the table and fucks a candle. Then Mandy sucks my cock. I fuck Cindy while Cindy sucks Mandy's pussy. Mandy jerks me off and I cum on Cindy's face. Then they jump on the bed with a large double headed dildo and nipple clamps. Mandy puts the nipple clamps on Cindy's large pussy lips. They fuck and suck. Then they jump in the shower and Cindy pees on Mandy. Then Cindy pees into a glass. Wow..Kinky Girls!

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