Random Girls

05.06.2018 Amateur, Pantyhose, Stripping
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Here are three girls I meet along the way. Who for a few dollars posed nude for me. All random. First is Tina. A girl who worked in as a teller at my bank. I meet after work at local bar. She said she needed to start looking for a job elsewhere. We were feeling no pain. I offered her some $$$ to let me take some pics. Out to the parking lot to my van and I took some pics of her. My god those boobs. Never saw her again. The next girl is Katy. Meet her bartending. She came over to smoke. She need some cash. I gave it to her for a few pics. The last girl is Ricky. A friend of mine called me. Told me about a girl getting out of jail. She needed a some cash. Meet her at a restaurant after she got out. Took a few pics. Nice ass On Her.